Eng. Mona Hussein

CEO of MHDH & Mahally

Mona Hussein is the creative force behind her design offices of Mona Hussein Design House (MHDH) & Mahally with Mona Hussein. She first launched a lighting showroom -Temple of Light-in 1992 in the World Trade Center of Cairo. In 1993, Mona established MHDH Office, a 24 years old company by now. Honing her talent for design, she expanded her Interior Design House into Landscape, Architecture, Product Design and Branding.
As a designer, Mona Hussein understands the importance of creating unique and inspiring spaces for her clients whether the project is Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Architecture or Landscape. Being part of an award winning project “Designopolis”, Mona Hussein has made her mark on many of Egypt’s most elegant interiors and projects.
In addition to leading a creative and ambitious team of designers and architects, Mona Hussein keeps the creative juices flowing by encouraging the team to seek inspiration from the smallest of details that surrounds them. She also keeps sharing with them the most recent developments in the international design scene. To ensure the team remains stimulated and continuously evolving.
“It is the understanding of the client’s vision for their project and translating that into a creative yet functional design is what makes this job so gratifying.” Mona Hussein.

Eng. Antoine Elkhoury

Managing Director of Tameer

Antoine is an investment and development executive with over 30 years of comprehensive experience in the real estate and construction field. He serves as a board of directors and investment committee member on several investment companies in Europe, USA and the MENA region.

Prior to joining TAMEER, Antoine held executive positions in a number of investment organizations in the GCC, the Middle-East and Europe and was involved in the management of major real estate portfolios and development projects. Antoine has also served as projects director at SOCOTEC, a world-leading French consulting firm specialized in the real estate and construction sector.

Antoine has an extensive exposure to international environments. He was involved in establishing international investment structures and has supervised investment, asset management, development and corporate matters in the United States, Europe, the MENA region and in various offshore jurisdictions.

Antoine holds an International MBA from Sorbonne Business School in Paris, an RICS accredited Degree in Real Estate Economics and Laws from the ICH Institute in Paris, and a Civil Engineering & Economics Degree from the St. Joseph University in Beirut.

Eng. Mohamed Said

CEO of Ebony & Ivory

He surely is one of the strong believers in the concept of ‘less is more’, being the son of an architect he always fancied watching his father creating blue prints with a T-square and a right-angled triangle, which resulted in developing an early passion for design and architecture.

After his graduation with a bachelor of science in Construction Engineering form the American University in Cairo in 1994, he started working for an architecture firm in Cairo Called Ultima Design in a job that offered a versatile scope ranging from building architecture models and designing interiors to supervising sites. His interest in interiors grew bigger which led him to pursue further independent design and furniture studies for 2 years at Rhodec international, England.

A year later Mohamed changed jobs and joined Living In interiors for a year where he gained allot of site experience, that was later followed by him joining  Orascom Projects for Touristic Developments (OPTD) in 1996, in which he was working as a design coordinator for a number of projects being built at the time in Gouna.

In 1997 he founded  Ebony & Ivory, and that was the beginning of a long ride that kept changing and evolving over the years until today, at the moment he is the CEO as well as the design director of the company.

In 2003 Mohamed developed a production facility called Form, which mainly focuses on producing furniture. Form was also serving other furniture companies for which he was playing the role of a design editor.

As a result of Ebony & Ivory’s progressive development in 2005 Mohamed decided to launch a product line under the brand name of ‘Alphabet’, a young Egyptian furniture line inspired by modern life and local tradition at the same time.

Through out his design career Mohamed kept changing from one phase to another, but if there’s a constant through out the process it’ll be the decision to embrace evolution and experimentation. Another very important element in all Mohamed’s work is the reduction of ‘visual clutter’.

Mohamed believes that design and architecture is not about over decoration and ornamentation, it actually is about having enough light and air to make the space alive and attractive even when it is empty, furniture and accessories should add to the space by making it breathe more, and not the other way round. That concept is reflected in all the work performed by Ebony and Ivory, whether it be a building, an interior or a product.

Arch. Ahmed Gabr

CEO of Gaf design studio

Architect Ahmed Gabr Owner & Principal Architect of GAF Design Studio.

Being passionate for architecture, interior and landscape design, visionary Architect Ahmed Gabr established GAF design studio in 2012. Gabr is a curious observant and an art enthusiast who understands the special bond people should have with their homes. For which he decided to integrate elegance, comfort and practicality in designing every home he creates.
Gabr has proudly won 6 International Awards, International Property Award, LUX Life Award, Build Architecture Award and The Luxury Lifestyle Award 3 times in a row.

Arch. Mohamed Badr

Founder & Chief Designer of MB designs

Since our establishment in 1995, every member of the MB Designs family has strived to bring forth architectural excellence that inspires wellbeing, and we continue to do that everyday.

Our mission is one of life; we endeavor to strike the sophisticated balance between elegance, function, quality and value.

Every project we design is a genuine reflection of its owner, be it a home, an office or a commercial space.

Every detail we invest time in is an experience; a chance at a better quality of life and an outlet for the unlimited human potential that lies within us all.

The spaces we use define much of who we are. They inspire us, comfort us & empower us to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Renowned for his innovative, unique stylish designs, fused with a critical understanding of raw materials and how they function, Mohamed Badr has a well-earned prominent reputation in the world of architecture and interior design.

With over 24 years of experience in design, project management and consultancy. History, music, nature and human potential exist at the core of every project Badr works on. Using this combination of expert practical skill and artistic focus, Badr creates sleek, contemporary designs imbued with nature, inspired by music and informed by life; each one with its own unique and special story.

Arch. Ahmad Fayyad

Co Founder & Managing Director of F&R partnership

After receiving his Bachelor degree of Architecture in 2003 from the University of Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) Cairo, Egypt, with more than 17 years of experience already under his belt. His previous experience working on projects with aggressive schedules has taught him to be detailed oriented, organized and productive. Fayyad enjoys working on projects with specialized programs and finding solutions to challenging design problems, he sees every new project as an opportunity to meet and learn from new people and expand his understanding of how buildings change who we are and how we work. 

He established Fayyad Architects in 2006 which introduced experience in Minimal architecture and interior design along with Construction and Managing projects and which later evolved into [F&R Partnership] upon partnering with Malak Rashad in 2010.

In his versatile role as co-founder, he oversees his team in the design and execution of a wide variety of projects. With attention to detail and focus on materials, the firm strives for excellence. The company grew with a succession of commissions demonstrating F&R partnership’s unique design abilities. Fayyad is to be considered as a pure formalist architect and is highly passionate about minimalism, he gained over the years a good reputation in this element. Won the Architecture single residence category at the International Property Awards for his famous Maadi residence back in 2017.

Arch. Mohamed Talaat

CEO of MT architects

Mohamed Talaat is a prominent and prolific Egyptian Architect, known for his innovative and unique design styles that matches elegancy and functionality. Mohamed was born in 1974, in Cairo,Achieved his Bachelor Degree in Architecture Design in 1996. Started his practice career early of the same year as a part of a booming engineering team working in prestigious projects before he branched off to establish his own Architecture Firm in 1999.

He earned his Master’s Degree in 2014 in the topic “influence of interior design on architectural design”, also he is currently working on his PHD which is going to finalize at Atlantis University in USA.

Along with his creative team, M.T Architects has enlarged and developed to be one of the elite Egyptian Architecture firms that managed to acquire trust of prestigious entities like City Stars properties, Ministry of Defense, Abo Ghali Motors, Ezz EL ARAB, Arabian Organization for Industrialization, Beit El Khebra, ITS and  MTA is Exclusively the authorized consultant for Chrysler (FCA) in Egypt.

MT Architects applies not only to Design but also to supervision and construction, as they deeply believe that design is an Inclusive process in which we should bring imagination, passion, creativity & practicality, all as the details of a greater picture, through which we should go through them as a journey of discovery till we reach our goal. And that is the vision that M.T Architects embrace which takes us beyond the typical patterns and concepts, allowing us to explore the beauty & Diversity of different designs in each project.

Eng. Mohamed Baitie

Business Development Director/ GLC Paints

Mohamad Baitie is an interior architect with 18 years of experience in the field of Color Marketing and Communication. With in depth knowledge of Architectural coatings and Color, he’s a regular speaker at global color forecasting events.

Eng. Shereif Helal

CEO of Taj design & finishing

Eng. Shereif Helal The CEO of Taj Design For Interior Design & Finishing , An Egyptian interior designer who is passionate about creative ideas and interiors development .

His aim is designing a space which shapes his client’s personality with a luxurious touch , he believes that the space shouldn’t only be impressive but also comfortable ..

Mr. Sherif Saleh

Co-CEO of Misr Italia Properties

Sherif is a well-rounded business practitioner with extensive marketing & management experience with top global & local companies in the Middle East & Africa region. He has an amazing mix of experiences with different categories such as personal & home care products, food & beverage, confectionary and real estate. As Marketing Director, Sherif helped in the success journey of Misr Italia Properties to become one of the top real estate developers in Egypt in terms of contracted sales. He then led another successful journey leading the marketing team of Mountain View and taking part in one of the major real estate turnarounds. Sherif has now joined back Misr Italia Properties as Co-CEO for Il Bosco City, one of the company’s major developments as well as leading the development of company-wide strategy.

Previous roles included working as Region Marketing Manager for PepsiCo Middle East & Africa handling brand Pepsi. Prior to that, Sherif was the Head of Marketing for Danone Premium Beverages Middle East & Indian Ocean, Regional Brand Manager for Coca-Cola Middle East and Regional Brand Manager for Unilever North Africa, Middle East & Turkey handling oral care brands Signal & Close Up. He started his career in 1999 with the marketing consultancy, Marketing Mix, where he worked on several big local brands in their turnaround efforts.

Over the years, he received several company performance and achievement awards for growth and market share gains. Additionally, his work received several awards such as the International Advertising Association’s (IAA) INTERAD V, AUC Annual Advertising Award, Dubai Lynx Golden Award and was nominated for the Cannes Lions Award.

Sherif holds an MBA degree from Georgia State University and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from AUC.

He is also a founding member in the International Social Marketing Association and is Vice Chairman of the Board of Nahdet El Mahrousa NGO, one of the major players in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt.

Specialties: Brand Management, Brand Building, Brand Development, P&L Management, New Product Development, Strategic Planning, Digital & Social Media, Advertising Development, Market Research, Public Relations, Commercial Due Diligence

Eng. Amr Soliman

CEO of Mountain View

Founder, Chairman and CEO of Mountain View and DMG Group

Contributing to the legacy of Dar Al Mimar Group that extends over 30 years, Engineer Amr Soliman has been one of the key figures of the real estate industry in Egypt and the MENA region. Engineer Amr’s leadership stems from a deeply rooted belief in the power of innovation and novelty as pillars to design, architecture, and development. Eng. Amr reflects his vision in life and business approach in DMG – an abbreviation for Dar AI Mimar Group. The  name; Dar Al Mimar, which is an Arabic name that  reflects  the  warmth of home:  “Dar”,  the  power  of the  “Group” and the  enthusiasm to develop  and build  landmarks  through “Mimar”; which is Architecture.

Through this extensive expertise and long journey in the sector, Amr Soliman altered and tailored his vision to mold Mountain View as a professional real estate development company in 2005. Mountain View quickly evolved from developing small premium communities and mini-compounds, to city-scale developments that integrate   different   life activities.

Eng. Amr has been extensively working on crystalizing a pioneer concept and vision of happiness to tailor it into vivid design and dynamic architecture in the communities delivered for the ultimate satisfaction of the clients. As a result of this revolutionary approach, Mountain View-DMG has launched their very first “happy” administrative project “Heartwork”. In collaboration with Delivering Happiness (DH) and CallisonRTKL, the project was designed within the framework of its CSR strategy in order to create a positive environment through the choice of colors and materials. In addition to leading development and innovation, Amr Soliman spends a considerable part of his time to support social and humanitarian activities. He is in fact an active and founding partner of a number of charities and social responsibility institutions, including “The Egyptian Food Bank,” and “Terous.” He also took part in the foundation of the American University in Cairo’s Real Estate Academy Program and is one of the referees of its graduation projects.

Eng. Hany Mostafa

CEO of Digital Com

A passionate leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successfully management. Innovative thinker with broad based expertise in operations, finance and business development. Proven ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to grow the bottom-line.

Hany is educated to a very high level. An inspiring and motivational manager with first-rate interpersonal skills and the ability and passion to develop the vision of any company he manages. He is able to push performance improvement whilst at the same time delivering growth.

Areas of excellence include:
– Leading change
– Developing new business
– Managing budgets and P&Ls
– Redesigning business processes
– Positioning companies
– Forming strategic alliances creating winning business plans
– Developing new markets
– Cutting costs
– Relationship management – General management Business Plans, International Business development, Financial acumen, Increasing sales.

Mr. Hisham Essawy

Vice chairman of EHEC

After graduating from the faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, Hisham El-Essawy sought to reinforce his career in Interior and Furniture Design by perusing his Study at Möbel Akademie in Berlin, where he got his diplomas in Design Intelligence, interior & furniture design and became a world class designer, mentor and Lecturer.
Furthermore, he followed his passion to intensify his knowledge in Design intelligence by finishing another Diploma in Creative Problem Solving at Minnesota University in the USA. Hisham is holding dual master degrees from The American University in Cairo and PLOMI in Design and sustainability offering green solutions for architecture, interior design and Furniture design and manufacturing. As he returned back to Egypt, he co-founded the EDG (Egyptian Designers Guild) to develop interior design and furniture industry in Egypt. Hisham who has over Eighteen years of experience in interior architecture and furniture, He is certified from EU as a professional interior architect and Product Design Instructor, has also worked as consultant for the Egyptian ministry of Industry, UNIDO, German Chamber and various Furniture and Design entities.

Eng. Mohamed Helal

CEO of 5 Degrees
  • BSc’s Degree in architecture and interior design, Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering.
  • 15 years of experience in designing and fitting out for commercial spaces
  • CEO/Co-founder 5 Degrees, one of the market leaders’ companies for designing and finishing commercial spaces.

Mr. Adham Nadim

Chairman & Managing Director of Nadim

Adham Nadim has been the Chairman and Managing Director of NADIM Industries since 1999. Passionate since the age of 14, he has spent over 35 years in various managerial positions in the family business. Together with his sister, they make up the 2nd generation, and together have managed its expansion from a small training-oriented workshop to one of the most distinctive woodwork manufacturers in the region.

Adham received his BA in Islamic Art and Architecture from the American University in Cairo. His love for both industry and heritage is evident through his activities. He participated in a six-year restoration and conservation project for the Beit El Suhyami house and area in Old Cairo. Until 2011, he volunteered as Executive Director for the Industrial Modernization Center (IMC) for five years, serving over 12,000 factories in all sectors of industry. Adham was an active member at the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI). He was treasurer and sector head for Furniture and Building Materials of the Egyptian Exporters Association. In 2003 he created FURNEX, the Egyptian International Furniture Fair. He also served as Chairman of the Egyptian Furniture Export Council, was a member of the Executive Committee for the Egyptian French Presidential Council, as well as the Cultural Council of the Union for the Mediterranean. Adham also sat on several boards, including the Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC), the National Quality Institute, the Industrial Training Council (ITC), the Energy Saving Council for Industry, and the REACH Committee.

Adham is Co-Founder and Board Member for the NADIM Foundation for Heritage and Development. The Foundation is currently documenting historic woodwork at risk and working on a monumental encyclopedia of Egyptian woodwork, a survey from ancient times to today. Since 2011, Adham has devoted all his time into growing the family business and starting up the NADIM Foundation. He is married and has a daughter.

Mr. Karim Swelim

Deputy Chairman of Nadim

Karim is part of the third generation of the NADIM family.

Karim grew up witnessing NADIM’s intricate craftsmanship and quality in projects around the world. This solidified a passion to one day bring this experience to more people.

After graduating from the American University in Cairo, Karim worked and lived in The UAE, Netherlands and Malaysia. This period gave him exposure to both the non-profit sector and the corporate world. In 2017, he was ready to bring these learnings back to the family business where he saw a great deal of untapped potential. Together with his sister Farida Swelim and cousins Habiba Nadim & Hesham El Sabban, he is managing NADIM Group’s current operations and expansions. Recently, they launched the retail brand Kenda Interiors, which aims to bring NADIM’s distinctive style into peoples homes through customizable furniture and fittings, in addition to a selection of carefully curated artwork and home accessories.

Eng. Amir Dous

Founder & CEO of C-reality

Owner and Founder of C-Reality, Amir Dous has more than 18 years of experience in the furniture industry. After having graduated from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, he decided to further pursue his education and finished his MBA at ESLSCA Business School, which was followed by the creation of his very own furniture brand and opening his first showroom in 2003.
In 2005, Amir along with his design team launched C-Reality’s first originally designed furniture collection, which featured a series avant-garde pieces with a unique edgy aesthetic. Gaining recognition from the industry, some of the pieces were later on displayed at Furnex’s designer’s hall along side other established companies.
Throughout the years, his experience allowed him to develop a multifaceted set of skills from business to design and manufacturing. Armed with a clear vision and design approach for his brand, Amir has been constantly trying to push the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship through developing C-Reality’s 2500-SQM manufacturing facility to offer modern design with a refined human element.
His tenacity and determination are backed up with an insatiable urge to explore new frontiers and constantly tackle new opportunities, which allowed him to turn C-Reality into one of the leading furniture brands along the years. Today, Amir is now more focused on turning “local into the new luxury”, through offering timeless design pieces inspired from real life. His ability to take risks drives him to encourage young talents to explore their creative capabilities through using his brand as a platform to bring to life what he calls design realities, and finding ways to incorporate different creative mediums into C-Realities world and process.
On the other hand, his involvement in different design shows and events, like the Cairo Design Awards to Art D’Egypte and The Design Show, has allowed him to spread the word about his vision for both C-Reality and the furniture industry hopefully setting new standards for locally manufactured furniture.

Eng. Hisham Mahdy

CEO & Founder of Cairo Design Awards (CDA)

Hisham’s exquisite designs are revolutionizing the design landscape in Egypt by creating brand new

concepts that excel in the present and define the future. His exemplary collaborations in the real estate

sector have won him international and regional recognition with the likes of SODIC, New Giza and Mountain

View. He has diversified his accomplishments within retail, entertainment and TV commercials categories.

With this track record, Hisham founded a design empire that has evolved into his company “Mental Flame”

founded in 2004. Driven by his unshakeable belief and passion for supporting new talents, he introduced

Egypt’s first design community, The Cairo Design Award (CDA). The event aims to encourage and reward Egypt’s new generation of designers, becoming the biggest design event in Egypt and Africa gathering renowned figures from the various categories of design under one roof, pioneering the fields of product

design, interior, architecture, jewelry and set design.

Hisham enjoys more than 20 years of experience in the design field. Besides his distinctive work in interior

design, Hisham is one of the top art directors in Egypt who led the art direction ofsome of the most popular

advertisements for leading private and international brands featuring megastars and celebrities. Examples

of his art direction work include Vodafone campaigns with megastars Asser Yassin and Mohamed Henedy; superstar Mohamed Ramadan in his latest ad campaign with Sting; Mercedes, and Edita to name a few.

This makes Hisham one of the very few artists in Egypt to combine interior design and art direction in his portfolio.

Hisham’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in the advertising field strengthened his knowledge of creating

brand identity and visual branding elements for commercial projects like retail concepts and chains, as well as exhibition stands. He likes to think that his designs come from a mixture of art and logic; art is everything beautiful and interesting whereas logic ensures the elements of practicality, functionality and durability. He believes that role of a designer goes beyond decorating; it combines elements to create a story through each design. Hisham has a unique design vision driven by the environmental mood and layers of space and light.

Arch. Mohamed Radwan

Principal Architect and Design Manager at Lead Group
Founder of Cairo Designathon

An international award-winning architect and multi-disciplinary designer, Mohamed Radwan is the Principal Architect and Design studio manager at LEAD group. Between 2012 and 2016, Radwan was a Teaching Assistant at AUC and a lecturer at the Arab Academy of Science and Technology, in the fields of Graphic Design, Architecture, and Interior Design. Looking to focus more on practice, Radwan left academia, but he is still a visiting lecturer in several universities including Cairo University.

He is the founder of his Name Brand, M Radwan Designs, where he is focused on architecture, interiors, product design, and experimental design. Radwan is deeply invested in experimenting with the fusion of Egyptian heritage and culture with contemporary design trends, and using Design Thinking as a problem-solving method, to achieve innovative design solutions.

Radwan has won DNA Paris Design Awards 2020, in the responsible design category, and Bronze A’ Design Award 2021, in the office furniture category, for his anti-covid19 office pod system design “Qwork Pods”.

In April 2020, Radwan Founded Cairo Designathon, Egypt and the MENA region’s first collaborative design marathon. Radwan is also an international award-winning graffiti artist by the alias Sober and is deeply passionate about Street Art, and its interaction with the built environment.